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Thank you for your concern with how we protect our guests from easily communicable diseases such as rhinovirus (cold), flu, norovirus, and coronavirus. We appreciate that you are interested in more details as to how we clean and protect the homes from being a transmission vector for various infectious diseases. The processes described here are in place, at some level, year-round. They may be increased or supplemented during more critical times, such as cold/flu season or during other health emergencies.

We are partnered with a veteran cleaning and maintenance company which has many years of experience providing housekeeping services in this market, as well as other hospitality areas. We consult with their management regularly and are very comfortable that they are taking all reasonable precautions when preparing our home for guests. These steps include:

Hot Tub
- Drain, clean, and refill hot tub after every guest.
- Remove and sanitize hottub filter.
Fresh Bromine is used after every refill to ensure proper sanitization

- The bedding, towels, and other linen goods are ALL collected for laundering and processed in temperatures that exceed those recommended for laundry operations.
- Linens are packaged until the housekeeping staff are ready to put them out for guests.

- Staff use Micro-Ban™ throughout the home and on all hard (counters, vanities, sinks, floors, stair rails, cabinets, doors, etc.) and soft surfaces (furniture, beds, pillows, carpets, comforters, etc.).
- Lysol™ is used on all compatible surfaces to clean and disinfect.
- Anti-microbial and disinfectants are used upon arrival, given time to work while staff perform other tasks, then used again as appropriate throughout the cleaning process.
- Bleach-based cleaners are used in some areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, that are better served by the use of chlorine products.
- Homes are routinely inspected after cleaning by the company's inspection team. In addition to quality assurance, these specialists also perform additional applications of protective products in the home, such as MicroBan and Lysol.

- Housekeeping staff have been fully instructed in the proper methods of cleaning and preparing a home for our guests.
- Staff are furnished with protective gloves and instructed to wear them at all times; changing them for fresh pairs as needed during preparation of the home.
- Staff who handle tasks at the company's facilities, such as laundry and maintenance, have also been instructed in the safety procedures necessary to protect themselves and products destined for guest use.
- Housekeeping and inspection staff have been instructed to immediately report anything that may lead them to believe that there is/was a health issue in a home. Company management will then instruct them as to how to best address it; sending additional resources if required.
- Staff are instructed to report any signs of symptoms they or other employees may exhibit. Depending on the symptom, its severity, and guidance from health officials, appropriate action will be taken to minimize and eliminate any chance of transmission or exposure.