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11 Dec 2023
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Refreshing Swim Spots in the Smoky Mountains

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The Smoky Mountains, renowned for their natural beauty, offer a variety of delightful swimming holes. These spots provide an invigorating escape, especially when diving into their cool and pristine waters during the warm summer months. Here's a guide to some top locations for a refreshing swim in the Smokies.


The Sinks: A Scenic Swim Near Townsend Easily reached by car via Little River Road near Townsend, The Sinks presents a picturesque swimming experience. While the area directly under the bridge is treacherous for swimming due to cascades, the western part offers safer, shallower waters and a popular jumping rock leading to deeper swimming areas.

The Sinks

Townsend Wye: A Family-Friendly Retreat Known locally as the Y, Townsend Wye is a spacious and free swimming hole ideal for families. With gentle rapids suitable for tubing, a diving rock, and ample pool space, it's a perfect spot for a day out. Visitors should come prepared with sunscreen, chairs, and maybe a picnic setup. It's located just beyond the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Townsend Wye
Little Pigeon River Banks

Little Pigeon River Banks: A Busy Swim Spot Close to Dollywood and along the banks of Little Pigeon River, this location boasts seven distinct swimming holes amidst beautiful scenery. It's a popular choice, so prepare for a crowd. Don't forget snacks for a full day of swimming and enjoyment.

Midnight Hole: Big Creek's Hidden Gem Nestled in Big Creek, Midnight Hole is a much-loved swimming spot, featuring large boulders and a quaint waterfall. Its depth makes it suitable for swimming year-round. Nearby attractions include Mouse Branch Falls. The water's depth creates a stunning dark shimmer when sunlight filters through.

Midnight Hole

Metcalf Bottoms: Picnic and Swim Situated between Townsend and Gatlinburg, Metcalf Bottoms offers access to the Little Greenbrier River. This area is dotted with shallow swimming holes near a picnic site, ideal for tubing and relaxing in the sun. It also features picnic tables and a short hiking trail.

Metcalf Bottoms

Greenbrier Swimming Hole: Secluded and Serene Located near Gatlinburg on the Little Pigeon River and accessible from route 321, Greenbrier is a lesser-known but deep swimming hole. It's an excellent location for swimming and sunbathing on large rocks, offering peace away from tourist crowds.

Greenbrier Swimming Hole

Important Reminder: Always check for recent NPS road closures before heading to Greenbrier.

These are just some highlights among the many exquisite swimming holes in the Smoky Mountains, perfect for cooling off and enjoying the beauty of nature on a hot summer day.

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