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25 Jun 2021
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Trip Planning

If you’re in a situation where you have options to work (or learn) remotely, we welcome you to consider joining us in the Great Smoky Mountains. Even just for a week, a change of location can be the best way to encourage productivity, learning, focus, and growth.

Best Spots to Stay on a Remote Work Trip

Vacation rentals have been one of the only sectors in the travel and hospitality industry that have sustained and even grown business recently. There's a reason for that. You, the guest, are in control of your own environment. Also, vacation home rentals are typically spacious and there are similar comforts to that of your own home. The only difference? Your backyard is Smoky Mountains!

The Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee is the perfect place to plan your remote working trip. Our many attractions, restaurants, and outdoor activities combined with stunning views make it an idyllic spot to learn, work, or recoup in the fresh mountain air. 

Bear Tracts Vacation Rentals offers a range of home-away-from-home cabins and homes that offer dedicated remote working spaces, like offices, office nooks and desk space. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for pulling off a successful remote work trip or even an extended stay in the Smoky Mountains.

How to Work Remotely in Gatlinburg, TN Area

What do I need to make this work? Why should I do it? Is it worth the hassle? These are probably some of the questions floating around and we have the answers for you below.

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi

Access to fast internet is the most critical piece of a productive and positive Colorado distance learning trip. You and your children need reliable Wi-Fi service from your laptops. It's critical. All Bear Tracts vacation rentals provide high-speed Wi-Fi. However, if anything happens to come up with access, you have someone to call for support. Rest assured!

Local Retailers for Working Remotely Needs

If you need office supplies or have any dire laptop repair needs, the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge are offers a couple of providers, but the local experts at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Pigeon Forge come well-rated.

Smoky Mountain Time is Like Island Time

Mountain time is different from home time. In the mountains, the pace is slower. While you’re staying in one of our spacious single-family mountain homes or cabins, everyone has personal spaces to escape to work, learn, nap, chat with friends, or read a book. Don't be surprised if you actually hear yourself think for the first time in months.

Mental health has been a growing topic in the U.S., and the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the need to put focus on it. Many people are suffering from frustration, sadness, anxiety, or depression. Being in an outdoor-centric community can help alleviate those struggles. At lunch hour, consider taking the whole gang on a picnic hike or bike. Getting outdoors while the sun is shining is a great way to change up your routine home schedule and encourage more smiles.

Breathe in the crisp mountain, enjoy the Smoky Mountain vista, and take a moment for yourself. You deserve it.

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