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Rental Agreement

Thank you for choosing Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins! We know you will love your stay. We will make every effort for you to have a great time in the Smoky Mountains. Below are clarifications as to what you can expect from us and what we need from our guest to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. The term "owner" used here after relates to the actual property owner. 

Some seasons will have minimum night requirements depending on availability. Exceptions may be made if nights rented fall between two other reservations and the minimum is not possible. We DO NOT allow 1-night rentals. 

The nightly rates are based on the maximum occupancy for each individual unit and should not be exceeded. You must provide Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins with the number of all guests, including children, when making your reservations either on line or over the phone. This is for fire safety reasons. We must account for all individuals occupying the rental property during your stay. If you are found having more guests than the unit allows, you will be asked to leave, and no monies will be refunded. 

All reservations require 50% down of the total cost, which is due the day you make your reservation. If your arrival is within 60 days, then payment is required in full. Payment is required in full no less than 60 days prior to arrival date to secure your cabin. If guest would like to make final payment with a different credit card, other than the card on file, it is the guest’s responsibility to phone our office prior to the due date. If we do not receive the balance by the due date, we will make every attempt to contact you. After 15 days your reservation may be terminated. All reservations must be paid in full at least 60 days prior to arrival. (Some online ad partner policies will vary) If the reservation is not paid in full, and you have not contacted us back with different form of payment, then the reservations are subject to cancellation without notice. Cancellations made 60 days or more before arrival date will get a full refund minus a $95.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 30 days or more but less than 60 days from arrival will receive 50% of the total amount paid. Cancellations less than 30 days will receive their refundable security deposit. You have the option to insure your trip at  with multiple options including Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). 


Do not send a personal check for your balance due. We do not accept personal checks. 

Check-in time begins at 4:00pm EST. In rare instances this could be later depending on housekeeping and maintenance, particularly during the high season. Likewise, if the unit is ready we will accommodate an early check-in also.

Make sure you have directions before you leave your house. Look over your directions provided by us and call to discuss if you have questions. Please go by our written directions to the cabins more than by anything you get off of the internet - we are more familiar with the location of our cabins and the details of these mountains.

While we will make every effort to have your cabin ready on time, there could be a slight delay in check-in during Peak Season to ensure your cabin is cleaned to our standards– Your Patience is greatly appreciated.
Please Access the Glad to Have You app prior to your arrival and share it with the members of your party.  This provides important information about the cabin and some valuable information on the area.

Please note that all of our units are individually owned real estate and thus are individually decorated. All of the cabins and chalets come with fully equipped kitchens. This includes basic cooking and eating utensils, as well as drinkware. However, if you have a specific pot or skillet that you want or need to cook with, feel free to bring this with you.  All of the properties have coffee makers, but we do not supply the filters or coffee for them. Not all properties are equipped with dishwashers. Please make sure you check your unit’s amenity list, to see if this equipment is provided. Also, not all cabins or chalets have washers and dryers. For those units that do provide a washer and dryer, we do not provide laundry detergent or fabric softener.  For guest’s safety and comfort, there is a total weight limit of 200lbs for sleeping on sleeper sofas. We do provide all of our guests a starter supply of dish soap, dishwasher soap (if applicable), hand soap, body soap, toilet paper, and trash bags. Any additional amounts needed you will need to buy or bring with you.

Optional items that may be provided at your cabin or chalet could include blenders, crock pots, blow dryers, irons, and ironing boards.  If you think you might need them during your stay please check your units amenity list or ask us. We replace clothes hangers often. However, because these items disappear you may want to bring your own to be on the safe side.

Some cabins or chalets are on wells.  The well water can vary throughout the mountain area. Although well water is typically safe for human consumption, bathing, etc., if you have concerns about well water we suggest that you buy drinking water or bring a filter (Brita) for your consumption during your stay with us. Feel free to ask us if your cabin is on a well.

Since each cabin or chalet is individually owned, the cable or satellite provided can also vary, depending on what package level the owner has provided.

Again, all of our cabins or chalets are individually owned real estate and as such may be for sale or foreclosed on at any given time. Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins has no control over this process and is not responsible for such transactions. If for some reason the unit you have reserved is sold or foreclosed on between the date you made your reservation and your arrival date, we will make effort to place you in a comparable unit and notify you of the change, based on whats available. If no satisfactory unit can be found, you will be issued a full refund.

Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins performs inspections on our units to make sure items such as TV's, hot tubs, and heating and air units are working before your arrival with us. If for some reason there is an equipment failure, we will make every effort to fix it promptly. Please call our office if you have any maintenance or housekeeping issues at. There are NO refunds for early departures. 

Power Outages: The cabins in the mountain areas sometimes experience power outages. If you are staying in a cabin or chalet when the power goes out, please call our office or Sevier County Electric Co at and they can identify the issue. If your unit has well water, you will not have any water during the power outage. A well requires electricity to work. It is suggested to have an extra gallon or two of water on hand. This way you will have water to drink and wash your hands with. Also flushing the toilet also requires water. Being prepared can make a big difference to your stay. Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins is not responsible for power outages and does not refund or compensate for power outages or other acts of nature.

Inclement Weather: Please be aware of the possible weather and road conditions you may encounter, depending on what time of year you are traveling. Chains and/or 4-wheel drive vehicles may be required for a few of our properties due to weather conditions. When preparing for a stay during winter months it is advised to bring along flashlights and warm clothes. Especially if there is a power outage due to the weather. The mountains can be very unpredictable late November through mid-March. Being ready for such weather can make the difference between an enjoyable stay and not so enjoyable. We advise you to check the weather for the projected forecast for your stay.  Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins does not offer any refunds if you are not able to make it to your cabin or chalet due to the weather and/or road conditions. We recommend during these times of the year, that you purchase trip insurance. This is a 3rd party agency and you will purchase and process any claims directly with them. 

Trip Insurance: This is an optional insurance that is offered to our guests.  The insurance offers coverage for such items as loss of job, death of a family member, medical emergencies, deployment, severe weather incidents, and more. Pre-existing conditions are covered in addition to unforeseen illness.  We recommend purchasing this insurance during the winter months. This insurance has to be purchased at specific intervals after your deposit is made depending on the policy. Specifically Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)  If you have any questions on what all is covered please contact a Travel Consultant at
Our rental units are owned by people that work hard at their day jobs just like you. We ask that you treat their property just as you would your own and leave no damage. Moving furniture is prohibited. If you have a reason to move the furniture please discuss it with us prior to doing so. Making room for a sleeper fold out is the only acceptable reason to move furniture. DO NOT MOVE ARCADE GAMES, POOL TABLES, OR APPLIANCES FOR ANY REASON. POOLTABLES ARE BALANCED AND LEVELED WITH SLATE TABS UNDER THE FELT WHICH WILL DISLODGE UPON MOVING. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGE AND COSTS RESULTED FROM CORRECTING A POOL TABLE THAT HAS BEEN MOVED.


Security Deposits: In addition to the refundable security deposit: Guests authorizes Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins to charge any expenses relating to intentional or reckless damage, cleaning of the unit beyond a normal cabin cleaning or for any theft of property from the unit, to the credit card on file. The person’s name on the reservation is responsible for any and all damage or theft, no matter who in the group caused the damage or theft.  The security deposit is $300. This deposit will be placed on the credit card that is on file. 

Absolutely no house parties or unsupervised large student groups are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at our discretion. Young people must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If a party is discovered to be taking place in any of our units, the entire group will be required to leave. No refunds will be given. If a guest DOES have a party, that guest will be charged for any and all damages discovered and the same will be reported to the local police department. Gatherings associated with birthdays, anniversaries, graduations are acceptable as long as the maximum occupancy of the unit is not violated and the quiet hours (10pm-8am) are respected. 

Check-out time is 10:00AM EST. Late departures will result in the booking party being charged $100 per hour. This is to compensate our cleaning and hot tub servicing teams that have to make another trip out to your cabin and we will need additional staff to have it ready in time for the next check in.

In order to help us keep the cabin/chalet as nice for the next renter as it was for you, we ask that you please adhere to the following rules:

•    Start dishwasher on your departure. The dish cleaning works on an honor system. If you leave dirty dishes you may be charged for the additional cleaning. ***

•    Do NOT strip the bed linens. Housekeeping will handle that.

•    Place wet towels, washcloths in the nearest bathtub***

•    Do not put hot ashes or coals from your grill or fireplace in trash cans or tossed into natural areas. Please put them in metal ash cans.***

•    Turn off all lights and small appliances and set the heat at 60 degrees in the winter and air conditioners at 75 degrees summer.***

•    Please make sure all garbage is placed outside in the exterior containers or taken to community trash receptacles and the container is fully closed and latched. ***

•    Be sure all doors and windows are locked upon your departure. 

•    If your unit has an alarm system, make sure alarm is set on your departure.***

•    Any personal items left behind or lost during a stay are the responsibility of the guest. We are not responsible for items left behind or lost. However, we will ship back any items that are found (if the guest requests them) by a local shipping service. The shipping charge is charged to the guest's credit card. We hold on to any items left behind for 30 days to see if they are claimed before disposal.

All of our cabins and chalets are NON-SMOKING and NON-VAPING units. If you have smoked in the cabin you will be charged a minimum of $300.00, for the extra cleaning necessary to get rid of the smoke smell. 

If there is a need for any extra or excessive cleaning upon your departure, you will be charged a minimum of at least $75.00 or more depending on the nature of the mess.

•    Any theft, vandalism or damage will be photographed and reported to the police and may be followed by litigation.

•    Any guest that we are forced to evict will forfeit all monies paid and no credits will be issued.

•    Please remember that when you rent with us, this rental agreement is considered a legal and binding contract and therefore gives Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins the right to collect payment for damages, missing items, and excessive cleaning that are made necessary by your stay.

•    The cabins/chalets are not to be used for parties or gatherings that exceed the sleeping capacity of the cabin. Full payment for all damages, missing items and extra cleaning are the responsibility of the guest and will be billed to the credit card of the guest who signs the rental agreement. ***

Based on the choice of our owners, pets are allowed in "pet friendly" cabins only. NO pets are allowed in properties not specifically marked as "pet friendly" on our website. No more than 2 dogs per pet friendly cabin. There is a $50.00 non-refundable pet fee for the 1st dog and $30.00 non-refundable pet fee for any extra dog.  These pets have been limited to dogs only. If a pet is found in any of our units that do not allow pets, you will be charged $150/day or a minimum of $600.00 fee, whichever is greater, due to the excessive cleaning that needs to be done to sanitize the unit. Please discuss this issue with us if you have any doubts. You will be charged for any damage your dog causes or for any extra cleaning that is required after your stay due to your dog being at the cabin. Pets are not allowed on the furniture.


We highly recommend guests with pets, place pets in pet carriers or crates, when leaving them alone in the cabin or chalets. When in a strange environment, pets sometimes have behaviors that are different than at home. However, your pet's actions are still your responsibility.

From April 1st through October 1st, indoor fireplaces are closed, whether they are gas, log or electric. Do NOT Burn anything in the gas fireplaces, you will be responsible for any damage caused to them. Many of our cabins have gas logs with timers installed. If you have questions on that, please let us know. If you rearranged the placement of the logs in the gas fireplaces you will be charged for the damages caused. For wood burning fireplaces, please make sure you open the damper or flue. If this is not open, the cabin will fill up with smoke. We do not provide firewood for the fireplaces. You can buy firewood at most gas stations or grocery stores in the area.

Our hot tubs are drained, cleaned and chemically treated after each guest. However, to make your hot tub experience safer from bacteria, please have everyone in your group rine/hose off prior to entering the hot tub, and run the hot tub ten minutes before entering hot tub. We recommend that all guests also shower after each use of the hot tub. The guest who signs the rental agreement will be responsible to tell everyone in his/her party that will be using the hot tub of all potential hot tub hazards. Hot tub use is strictly at your own risk. Children under the age of 10, Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions should not use the hot tubs. Guests with cuts or external infections should not use the hot tub. Do not have any glassware around the hot tub, and do not consume food while sitting in the hot tub. When not using the hot tub, the cover needs to be on the hot tub. This will help keep the hot tub clean, as well as hot. If the hot tub has any straps, please make sure you secure the hot tub cover down. The mountain areas can experience wind gusts and you could lose the cover over the balcony.

DAMAGES TO HOT TUBS: Hot tubs are fully inspected after each rental. Soaps, bubble baths, and oils are PROHIBITED in the Hot Tubs. There will be a minimum charge of $50.00 if any are found after your departure. This is due to excessive cleaning and / or possible damage to the hot tub. Damage done to any pump or motor from soaps, bubble bath or oils will not be labeled as "accidental" and is not covered under the Damage Protection. Damage done to any cover will result in a $400.00 fee for replacement and will be charged to you if damages are discovered after you have checked out.

By using the hot tub, and by accepting this reservation, you are absolving Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins and the owner of any and all responsibility related to the hot tub or its use.

The registered renter agrees to indemnify the owner and Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins of any damages to the premises which result from the renter's occupancy (including furnishings and household items). The registered guest is the one who will be charged for any damages his/her group causes to the property. Neither the owner nor Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins will be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. The registered guest assumes full responsibility for any and all damages that his/her group causes, excessive cleaning charges for problems caused by his/her group or for any items found to be missing after his/her group's visit, including linens and towels. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests of the registered renter are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises. Furthermore, the owner and Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins is indemnified and held harmless against any viral or bacterial infections including but not limited to COVID-19. 



If my reservation has been made online, I have read and agreed to the Rental Policy and Agreement.
By accepting the terms and conditions of the Reservations Policy and Agreement, I hereby give Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins permission to charge 50% of my total rental fees (or my total rental fees if the check-in is within 60 days) to my credit card and charge the remaining balance 60 days prior to my check-in.

By reserving any unit through Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins, you have formally agreed to all of the above terms and conditions


We hope you enjoy your stay with Bear Tracts Vacation Cabins.